Dommerich Hills

The City of Maitland began construction in September 2021 to upgrade wastewater service and to reduce pollution in the Dommerich Hills neighborhood.

The important community improvements will begin with replacement of a 58-year-old lift station that is essential to Maitland’s wastewater transmission system. New pipelines will connect additional homes to central sewer, providing more reliable and environmentally friendly wastewater treatment to replace hundreds of residential septic systems. Work also will restore several neighborhood streets impacted by construction. New sidewalks will be constructed.

Extension of Maitland’s sewer service is part of a regional program in coordination with the South Seminole and North Orange County Wastewater Transmission Authority, neighboring governments and state environmental agencies to reduce harmful impacts from septic tanks – many that were originally installed decades ago.

Septic tanks and accompanying drain fields provide basic treatment of household wastewater. They become increasingly ineffective over time, allowing excessive nutrients and bacteria to seep through the ground under residential properties.

Septic tanks should be inspected and pumped out every three years. But many residents neglect maintenance for much longer, waiting until septic systems fail and costly repairs are needed. Damaged or ineffective spetic tanks can create heavy impacts on the environment including natural water sources.

Central sewer provides a better solution with reduced risk for homeowners. The City of Maitland is responsible for consistent and reliable wastewater service to all connected homes in the neighborhood. The city assumes all necessary maintenance of the transmission system.

Upon completion of each phase of the sewer system extension, each affected property owner will be notified of the public service availability and the requirement to connect within one year. Phase 1 is expected to be completed in March 2023.

Homeowners will be responsible to abandon existing septic tanks and to run home wastewater pipes to sewer connection points. The City of Maitland will provide information through newsletters, public meetings and online at Installation of sewer pipelines and subsequent road rebuilding and sidewalk additions will be planned to minimize impacts to residents.