Sewer utilities serve most development in Florida. About 30 percent of the state relies on septic tanks despite their maintenance costs and harmful environmental impacts. Many governments are successfully working to convert private property owners to central sanitary sewer systems.

Retroactive conversion from septic tanks is an investment with many benefits for homeowners:

• No need to schedule and pay for septic tank pump-outs and other maintenance.

• No worry about septic tank failures, back-ups and costly repairs.

• Reduce your risk of property damage.

• Added reliability of public utility service.

• Improve the value of your property with full utility services (water, wastewater, electric and solid waste).

• All property owners in your neighborhood will participate equally in the public sewer improvements.

• Gain satisfaction that you are part of the solution to reduce pollution and improve the quality of our community.

• The City of Maitland also will resurface roads where sewer pipelines must be installed.