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The Maitland Public Works Department continually strives to improve public utilities. Two projects are underway to upgrade the city's wastewater system and to expand service for customers.

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Dommerich Hills Improvements

Maitland began construction in September 2021 to improve the municipal wastewater system in the Dommerich Hills neighborhood.

The project will replace an aging utility lift station and connect about 430 homes to central sewer service, providing a more efficient, reliable and environmentally safe solution to residential septic tanks. Work also will resurface streets in the community.

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Why Central Sewer Service?

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Deloraine Trail


The City of Maitland will continue work in September to expand central sewer service in the Dommerich Hills neighborhood. Construction initially will focus on Phase 2 (see map), which includes Thunder Trail, Big Bend Trail, Saginaw Trail, Chanute Trail, Chippewa Trail, Mohawk Trail and Chinook Trail (east of Kewannee Trail), as well as Native Court and the eastern segment of Tuscarora Trail within city limits.

Phases 3 and 4 will follow, although construction in some areas may be advanced to coincide with Phase 2 work. Primary work will install sewer main underneath roadways. Property owners will be notified when construction is scheduled to begin on each street, coordinating for needed vehicle detours and alternate parking locations.

The city recently completed the first phase of the Dommerich Hills sewer expansion, which included lateral connections for about 90 homes, retirement of a 57-year-old sewer lift station on Deloraine Trail and startup of a new lift station on Tuscarora Trail. Roads also were resurfaced and sidewalks were added on some streets. Construction for project Phase 2 (see map) is scheduled to begin in September. The remaining two phases will follow, but some areas may be advanced to coincide with Phase 2.

New pipelines in Phases 2-4 will connect about 340 additional homes to central sewer, providing amore efficient, reliable and environmentally safe solution to privately maintained septic tanks. Work also will restore several neighborhood streets impacted by construction.

Dommerich Hills Map

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