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The Maitland Public Works Department continually strives to improve public utilities. Two projects are underway to upgrade the city's wastewater system and to expand service for customers.

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Building Better Utilities

Dommerich Hills Improvements

Maitland began construction in September 2021 to improve the municipal wastewater system in the Dommerich Hills neighborhood.

The project will replace an aging utility lift station and connect about 430 homes to central sewer service, providing a more efficient, reliable and environmentally safe solution to residential septic tanks. Work also will resurface streets in the community.

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Why Central Sewer Service?

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Deloraine Trail

UPDATE 4/1/22 - Phase 1 Progress Report:

Construction of the Dommerich Hills Phase 1 sewer main and residential connections is completed along a portion of Tuscarora Trail and Ponca Trail. Crews are currently working north along Kewannee Trail, which could be completed by early May, when the project will continue along part of Mohawk Trail.

Work will begin in April to restore underground road base and temporary asphalt along the impacted roadways. Motorists should use extra caution and follow detour signs in these areas. Phase 1 of the sewer expansion is scheduled for completion in March 2023.

UPDATE 10/29/21 - Tuscarora Road Closure:

Construction of the Dommerich Hills Phase 1 municipal sewer expansion will begin as early as Monday, Nov. 1, with pipeline installation and preliminary site development for a new lift station that will require the closure of pedestrian sidewalks and roadway along part of Tuscarora Trail.

A section of Tuscarora Trail between Nicoma Trail and Huron Trail will be closed to vehicle thru-traffic, which will be detoured north along Kewannee Trail, Mohawk Trail, Chippewa Trail and Nicoma Trail. Local traffic access will be maintained for homeowners within the closure on Tuscarora Trail, Lightning Trail and Ponca Trail (south of Tuscarora).

The sidewalk along the south side of Tuscarora will close from Nicoma Trail to Huron Trail, prohibiting access for pedestrians and cyclists. Signs will mark the vehicle detour and sidewalk closure. For questions and requests regarding the sidewalk closure, please call (407) 539-6223 or e-mail to rsargent@itsmymaitland.com. The closure along this section of Tuscarora is expected until Jan. 31, 2022. Phase 1 construction, which includes a new sewer lift station and expanded pipeline providing service to about 90 homes, will take about 18 months to complete.

Preliminary work will begin for the sewer lift station on the south side of Tuscarora and east of Nicoma. Within the next few weeks, residents will see some site clearing and a large pile of dirt. Measurement tools will be installed around the lift station area. Sewer main and lateral connections will be installed under the street.

Residents within the Tuscarora road closure should follow these steps during construction:

• Vehicle access will be maintained for each home unless notified later by the city.

• Project workers will relocate residential garbage and recycling containers outside of the construction area on Mondays and Thursdays, returning containers to the appropriate homes after waste collection each day. Containers should be placed at the curb by 7:30 a.m. Mondays and Thursdays to ensure collection.

• Yard waste is collected on Wednesdays. To ensure pickup, please notify the city in advance at (407) 539-6265.

• Mail and doorstep deliveries will be permitted without interruption.

• Sewer pipeline lateral connections will be installed within the public right-of-way of residential properties only along Tuscarora. Sewer service to these properties will be available toward the end of the 18-month project period.

Tuscarora Closure Map

Residents with questions about the pipeline connections or future sewer service can visit www.maitlandutilities.com or call (407) 539-6223.

Get the Facts:

The goal of the Dommerich Hills sewer expansion is help protect the environment from aged and failing residential septic systems. All construction will comply with state and federal environmental safety requirements. The new sewer pipeline will be buried under the center of each street and away from any existing concrete pipes. The central sewer improvements also will provide a completely secure delivery of residential waste - much different from on-site septic systems - for treatment at a nearby facility. At no time is untreated sewage pumped into surface water bodies or other natural areas.

Downtown Water Pipeline

Downtown Maitland

The City of Maitland is improving potable water pipelines along the west side of U.S. Highway 17-92 between Maitland Boulevard and south of Horato Avenue.

The important project will replace more than a mile of decades-old and undersized pipes that are essential to Maitland’s public water service in this area. Construction is expected to take about eight months, weather permitting, starting south of Horatio Avenue. The new, larger pipeline also will be installed outside of the highway right-of-way. Necessary easements were acquired from property owners along the route. A priority with these improvements is to minimize potential impact to businesses.

Property accesses will remain open. Some work will be conducted during evening hours. In some areas, single-lane closure along U.S. 17-92 will be needed between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. weekdays. Water service will not be interrupted. For questions, call (407) 529-6223.

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